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Welcome to Passion & Purpose, a communications course designed to support people with lived experience who are ready to share their stories in service of a better world. Originally designed in collaboration with Terrence Higgins Trust and their Positive Voices volunteers, this course provides a safe and structured space in which to explore and take ownership of lived experience, crafting true, personal stories with a powerful message. I have worked with THT since 2019, since which time all their Positive Voices volunteers have been through my Passion & Purpose training process. I have also delivered elements of the programme to Hibiscus Initiatives, Women for Refugee Women, The Children’s Society, and the Shared Learning Group on Involvement.

Sharing lived experience is an act of great courage and generosity. I take huge pride in helping charities support their volunteers to do this in a safe and nourishing way. As well as having a powerful impact on their audiences – which range from medics, business professionals, the police, the prison system, and school children, amongst others – I aim for my training courses to provide a cathartic and empowering experience for anyone sharing their lived experience.

I can deliver a bespoke Passion & Purpose course for any charity seeking to better support their volunteers in sharing lived experience. In addition, I love working with charity staff on honing their own communication skills.

In order to remain abreast of trauma-informed best practice when working with lived experience, I regularly consult and collaborate with clinical Psychologist Dr. Sam Thompson.

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