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One-To-One Communications Coaching:

Whether you have a high-stakes presentation or speech on the horizon, or just know you want to be better at expressing yourself, I’d love to help. Together we can explore your needs, challenges and aspirations around public speaking and spoken communications. As a trained hypnotherapist I have tips and techniques to support even the most nervous speakers to access their authentic voice and find their confidence. It can take a bit of courage, but I promise you we’ll have fun during the process. Sessions can be online or in-person, and range from one-offs to packages of eight sessions. We always start with a twenty minute, no obligation chemistry call to find out more about how we might work together.

One-To-One coaching topics might include (but are not limited to)

  • Speak up: Find (and use) your voice at work or at home

  • Fear to fabulous: Conquer your speaking demons 

  • Next slide please: Presentations preparation

  • Centre stage: Keynote coaching

  • Off mute: Online communication skills

  • Once upon a time: Become a compelling storyteller

  • Loud and proud: Speech support (wedding speeches, big birthdays, eulogies and memorials)

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