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Corporate Training

Thriving in business means more than first-rate technical ability. Communicating with confidence, clarity and connection makes all the difference when it comes to inspiring your teams, colleagues and clients, getting your message across, and stepping into the next level of leadership. My courses are applicable to all forms of spoken communication, including (but not limited to) pitches, presentations, knowledge sharing, conference speaking, panel participation and chairing, hosting meetings and general team leadership.

From one-off, one-to-one sessions to interactive webinars to full professional development courses for teams and leaders, I can tailor-make a communications training experience to suit your business needs. I’m happy to work virtually or in person at your offices.

Topics include:

  • Success stories: The power of business storytelling

  • Smart structure, compelling content: level-up your presentation skills

  • Leadership 101: Key habits for impactful communications

  • Get the ‘yes’: A simple path to greater buy-in

  • Off mute: how to show up and stand out in online communications

  • You’ve got this: Conquer your nerves and step into full confidence.

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